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Enables enormous amounts of data from field locations to be used in real time

Tokyo, June 18, 2013 - (JCN Newswire) - Fujitsu today announced that it will commence sales of FUJITSU Software Interstage Terracotta BigMemory Max V4.0 for in-memory data management that enables the use of enormous amounts of data from field locations in real time. The product will also be steadily rolled out in markets overseas.

This product makes possible real-time analysis of huge volumes of sensor and other data, raises the performance of Web sites that experience spikes in web traffic during sales campaigns or other busy periods, and can make activity analysis and recommendations for product purchases at stores nationwide - all owing to the ability to utilize terabytes of data in real time.

Interstage Terracotta BigMemory Max V4.0 brings Terracotta BigMemory Max from Software AG's wholly owned subsidiary Terracotta Inc. to the Fujitsu Interstage business-application platform lineup, and has been implemented by Cathay Pacific Airways and numerous other companies around the world.

Highly compatible with Fujitsu middleware products like FUJITSU Software Interstage Application Server and FUJITSU Software Interstage Business Application Server, Interstage Terracotta BigMemory Max V4.0 can be used in tandem with the Fujitsu M10, a UNIX server ideal for in-memory computing, to achieve high-speed processing.

As organizations grow and more people use smart devices, enterprise information systems face the challenges of processing access attempts that are more frequent and more often simultaneous. In addition to this, there is growing interest in providing new services and increasing product value by using more data - such as POS data, transaction logs, and sensor data generated from locations in the field - in real time in order to inform business activities.

Interstage Terracotta BigMemory Max V4.0 is an in-memory data-management software that ensures fast, reliable access to big data in real time. FUJITSU Software Interstage Terracotta Web Sessions V4.0, which goes on sale at the same time, is a specialized product for Web-application session management. It makes it possible for numerous users to log in simultaneously while maintaining operational continuity, even when servers go down.

Fujitsu continues to support its customers in transforming their businesses through new products that enable real-time use of information.

Product Features

1. Enables real-time analysis in Java applications of data that exceeds the terabyte level

This product multiplies by a factor of 200 the amount of memory that Java applications can use, from 5GB to 1TB, so that Java applications can quickly and reliably handle big data sets even greater than the terabyte-class that had previously been processed in databases. This opens the door to analyzing large volumes of data from sites in the field that could not be used in real time before.

In one case involving an online payments processor, the ability to analyze more than a terabyte of transaction-log data in real time meant that they were able to detect fraudulent transactions that previously could only be caught after the payment had been processed. Doing this in real-time during the transaction greatly reduced the compensation and insurance costs that occur when dealing with fraudulent transactions that they had missed before.

2. Can be added to existing systems quickly to increase access capacity

This product ties in with major Java frameworks, including Hibernate(1) and Spring(2), as well as Ehcache, the standard Java caching application programming interface (API) used on 25 million systems around the world and by 21 million developers.

In systems that use these APIs and frameworks, application processing performance can be raised just by editing the definition files, without changing the application itself.

In a case involving a hotel reservations website, some localized edits, such as to change the Java framework, took just 30 minutes to adapt software for use with this product but improved throughput by approximately 17 times.

Using Interstage Application Server for web-application session management and Interstage Business Application Server to tie in with the Spring framework makes it possible to adapt existing applications without adjusting their source code.

3. High-performance processing with the Fujitsu M10

The UNIX server Fujitsu M10 can be configured with up to 32TB of memory, or 512GB per processor, and uses high-density packaging technologies such as System on Chip to minimize the distance between processor and memory, making it the world's highest memory-access performance(3).

The synergy between the Fujitsu M10, which is highly compatible for in-memory technologies, and Interstage Terracotta BigMemory Max, makes this an ideal combination to bring about even further value from Terracotta.

In addition to the Fujitsu M10, Interstage Terracotta BigMemory Max can be used with FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY, FUJITSU Cloud IaaS Trusted Public S5 public-cloud service, and also Nifty Cloud and Amazon Web Services.

Comment from Karl-Heinz Streibich, CEO, Software AG

"This strategic partnership with Fujitsu, Japan's largest IT company, is a clear acknowledgment of the global business impact of big data, and I am delighted to extend our long-term relationship with Fujitsu to address these new business opportunities based on our Terracotta in-memory technology."

Comment from Robin Gilthorpe, CEO, Terracotta, Inc.

"Fujitsu is bringing the full business benefits of in-memory technology and real-time data access to its large customer base with Terracotta software. This is a fantastic endorsement of Software AG's Terracotta big data strategy and I look forward to further developing this exciting alliance."

For further details, including Pricing and Availability in Japan, please see

(1) Hibernate: An open source O/R (Object/RDB) mapping framework positioning the record of objects and database for Java applications
(2) Spring: An open source application framework for Java applications
(3) The world's highest memory-access performance: As compared to STREAM Triad memory access performance (STREAM Triad Performance and Measurement Environment as of June 18, 2013) SPARC M10-4S (The Fujitsu M10-4S server is sold as SPARC M10-4S by Fujitsu in Japan)
- Measurement: 4,002GB/s
- Measurement environment: SPARC64 X (3.0GHz) x 64CPU (1,024 core), Oracle Solaris 11.1, Oracle Solaris Studio 12.3, 1/13
- Platform Specific Enhancement (Compared to registration values excluding HPC applications)
(4) Off-heap:A Java application memory domain secured outside of a heap domain. This realizes high-speed access of over a terabyte of big data, without the effect of Java garbage collection.

*Copyright in Terracotta and trademarks at all times remain the property of Software AG.
*Amazon Web Services and the Amazon Web Services logo are trademarks of, Inc. and its affiliates.
*UNIX is a registered trademark of the Open Group in the US and other countries.

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